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Tepesua cultural Eco Camp

Tepesua culturalEco camp is situated approximately 35 km toMaasai Mara. Rated as one of the best cultural eco camp in the entire Maasai Mara region with 100 %natural material that makes you have the real maasai cultural experience.the cottages are just like the Maasai Manyatta(house) with the interior and dinning made of unfinished  acacia wood.when you think Tepesua cultural eco camp, think Eco-tourism blended with culture. The interaction with nature and the serene environment give an inner peace and tranquility.

Tepesua cultural eco camp offers various activities in addition to a very personalized customer Service

Tepesua cultural Eco-cottages.

Tepesua cultural eco-cottages are made from 100% natural materials, it has a feel of pure traditional maasai manyatta(House) yet elegant,comfortable and creatively accommodative.

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Warrior(Moran) Training

Learn how to dance like a real Maasai Moran,Moran jumping,Traditional sticks fire making,Traditional meat roasting, The Dos and Don’ts of Moranhood and many more at Tepesua cultural eco camp.

Tepesua Nature walk

Take a nature walk in the quiet deep bushes with of Tepesua and watch zebras and gazelles. Birds singing, and experience the cool soothing breeze of the bush trees.whether alone or in the company of Moran Tour guide the choice is yours.