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Tepesua Widows Income Project

Tepesua widows income generating projectcame about when the Founder(Hellen) brought together the widows who had no property because they had lost their cows and sheep to the drought and since they could not travel far to look for greener pasture as some of them had young children they found shelter at Hellen’s Tepesua Home since they cannot remarry,the number keeps on growing even as other single mothers continue to join. With the help of the proceeds from Tepesua camp and donations from well-wishers they have managed to engage in the following activities

  1. Beadwork– from necklace to wrist bands to belts to customized beads branding of all types. They are hoping to source for markets for their products outside the country.
  2. Washable sanitary pads project-the make washable sanitary pads which are affordable as most girls in the area have been using leaves and shukas(sheets) during their menstrual cycle.this has been of a great help and has also made the girls report to school even when they have the menstrual cycles as they used to stay at home when they had the cycles
  3. Sewing – the women do sewing of eco friendlycarrying bags,school back packs for the students and eco recyclable hand bags for sale to discourage use of polythene bags that degrade the environment. In addition to this they write powerful messages of advocacy such as ‘Don’t enchange girls for cows give them education’

This project has made the women buy their own cows that give them milk to sell and for their children. They are looking forward into buying more cows for their project this year thanks to the miss Carole Jones from Pennsylvania USA who donated a borehole now the women and the community as a whole can water their livestock and they are no longer attacked by wild animals while going for long distances to fetch for water as was the case before.

 The women use this as an income generating activity to sustain the Tepesua school project and save to buy a school bus. They are also looking forward into one day exporting their handicrafts to USA and Europe.

By visiting Tepesua Cultural eco camp you help to sustain the school and the women projects.