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Tepesua School

Tepesua School is a feeder school of Enkiteng Lepa school. This came about when the founder (Hellen) saw it that young children used to travel very long distances to come to school. A larger number coming from tepesua area and its environs since the nearest school is around 30 kilometers from Tepesua. Hellen founded this school which also shares the ground with the widows and Tepesua eco lodge. TepesuaSchool has integrated traditional Maasai dress with school uniforms during certain days of the week to blend culture with education. This is the first school in the country to start doing this. As the number continues to grow the school is seeking for donors to help raise funds to buy a school Bus as the young children are traveling as far as 5-10km to and from school which makes them fatigued and very tired for the to concentrate properly in class, if the school can have a bus, it can outreach more students who are still unable to come to school due to distance. To those already in school it would make them learn with ease without fatigue since they will not reach school very tired.The school is fundraising to buy a school bus.